Faith is a balancing act

Understanding what it means to have confidence in myself, my projects, and the path ahead.

Sanssouci Park (Potsdam, Germany) by Melinda Gallo

As a writer who juggles multiple writing projects and navigates them by inspiration, I grapple with faith as it relates to having confidence in myself, my abilities, my projects, and my future.

My faith wavered: sometimes it walked alongside me and at other times it was nowhere to be found.

While I was writing in my journal the other day, the word “faith” popped up in my mind. With each of its letters, a different word materialized:

F for fears,
A for anxiety,
I signifying me,
T for trust, and
H for hope.

In that moment, my definition of the word “faith” became: a balance I maintain with my fears and anxieties on one side and my trust and hope on the other side.

Now, I know that fears and anxiety are a normal part of my writer’s life. They are present to provide me with information, not to stop me. Without them, I wouldn’t need to strengthen my trust and hope, which are both necessary to move my projects forward.

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